Types of Carport Design

Choose What Suits You Best

A carport is an essential structure that will protect your car from damage by various elements such as rain, snow, and sun. Several designs can give you a neat and robust structure. Michael Thomas of Carports Brisbane had generously shared his expertise on the different designs of carport. Let’s look at each one of them, its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Flat Roof Carport







                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As the name suggests, this design has got a flat roof. The roof is slightly angled to help drain rainwater and snow.


✓ Easy to construct.
✓ Economical to construct in terms of materials and space.


✓ The draining of water is not as efficient as it would be on a high-pitched roof.
✓ The roof can colllect and harbor debris, which eventually destroys the roof by rusting various metal parts.

2. Gable Roof Carport



The triangular-shaped carport is high-pitched and more structured than a flat roof carport and has a gable edge.  Plus, you can make the size which is desirable for you, multiple parking.


✓ It complements the home with the added beauty.
✓ The carport drains water perfectly and does not harbor debris.


✓ It is pricey to construct.
✓ It takes longer to build due to the structural design, which is complex.

3. Hip Roof Carport


The carport, also known as a hipped roof carport, has four roof sides sloping downwards to the hip edge walls. Moreover, the slope is not as steep as for the gable roof carport and resembles a pyramid shape.


✓ Beautiful design.
✓ The self-bracing low-lying sloppy roof adds to its durability and survival in cyclones.


✓ Difficult to construct because of complex trusses and rafters.
✓ Expensive to put up the structure.

4. Dutch Gable Roof Carport


This structure is a hybrid of the gable and hip roof carports, which makes it sturdier. It will quickly shed water and snow and not harbor any debris on the top. Plus, your home will stand out because of its sophisticated look.


✓ It gives your home a sophisticated look and adds value.
✓Provides your auto maximum weather protection.
✓ Drains the water well.
✓ Reduces the gable and hip roof carport’s drawbacks.


✓ Expensive to construct.
✓ The hip frame reduces the attic space.


Materials For Construction

To construct a carport, whichever design you choose has a cost and material implications. You can use numerous materials depending on your taste. Make sure to discuss this matter with your professional carport builder.   Here are some of the materials that make an excellent carport.

• Colorbond Steel

A steel carport will last for years. Steel is not only durable but rust-proof. The metal beats off harsh weather as well as giving you a classy finish. Even more interesting is the variety of colors that come with the Colorbond steel.  In addition to, you can choose Classic Cream, Dune, Gully, Deep Ocean, Cove, or any color that excites you.

• Aluminum

Carports made of aluminum coated metal are durable and maintenance-free. They withstand harsh weather conditions. Cost-wise, they are more expensive than steel structures.

• Other Materials

For the posts, trusses, and rafters, you can substitute steel and aluminium with hardwood and polycarbonate, but you still need a good choice of other roofing materials. There is quite a variety, including;

  • Shingles
  •  Clay
  •  Glass and plastic
  •  Metal sheets
  •  Wood, etc.

Whatever material you choose for your rooftop, always go for durability and also a touch of beauty to complement well with the existing buildings.

Carport Posts

Your carport post choice should be based on durability. Weak posts can make your structure crumble down with the slightest impact or strong wind.  On the other hand, solid oak, steel, or aluminum posts well anchored on the ground support your structure well.

Open Vs. Enclosed Carport

When you build an enclosed carport or converts an existing carport into an enclosed one, it now becomes more of a garage. Open carports look great, but an enclosed one will add value to your home and protect your car. On the other hand, an open carport is disadvantageous on that part as it has no storage. Plus, it exposes your car to theft and vandalism. However, it has a lesser value and also protects your auto less from harsh weather.

Bottom Line

With different designs on the table, you now able to make an informed choice. You will now be able to shield your auto from elements such as snow, summer sun, wind, and rain. Also, constructing one will require different materials. Hence, check out what is available and treat your car with what works best for you.