Top 10 Reasons to Choose VIP Electrician Brisbane

Your Local Electrical Contractors

However much we enjoy doing things on our own, especially ones that pertain to our property, sometimes we need professional help. Fixing the faucet which has been dripping since god-knows-when or assembling a bookshelf can normally be classed as simply DIY jobs. It is unlikely that you fail in these tasks, and even if you do you can always call someone and get it done.

However, with electrical appliances and wiring, being laid back is a bad idea.

While it might feel a good idea to save on the electrician costs – is it really something you should try out on your own? Unlike that furniture that you could never use because you cut down the legs too short, failing at the electrical task can lead to disastrous consequences – a reason Australian laws mandate you to call an electrician at all times. There can be serious fines imposed of up to $40,000.

Most of us don’t have the adequate qualifications to undertake the complicated process of electrical work. Hiring a professional contractor has many benefits including:

  1. Quality products. No compromises on that.
  2. Ensire a safe environment for you and your family.
  3. Learn about ways to reduce energy consumption. And save money in the process.
  4. Full Public Liability Insurance.

Why Choose VIP Electrician Brisbane?

Here are 10 reasons why VIP Electrician Brisbane is a great electrical contractor.

  1. We Listen To You

In a business like ours, one of the most important qualities is the ability to listen. It is important that before we start working, we completely understand what it is that you require. As a company, we believe in putting your needs first.

  1. 10 Years Of Experience

We are proud of our history. It has taken us a lot of time to reach the position we are currently at. 10 years of providing seamless service to our customers, we have had enough time to refine our methods to help our customers enjoy A-class service. We have worked hard to make a mark, it is nothing but a sign of our progress.

  1. Fully Insured

We provide proper insurance to make sure that everything is taken care of in case of an accident. Individuals or contractors who are unlicensed risk serious consequences. If they get injured while finishing the construction work on your premises, if the work is not up to the mark or is faulty, it jeopardizes you financially.

  1. Qualified and Licensed

What is the most important detail that you must look for when hiring an Electric Contractor? Check whether or not the contractor is licensed. Electricians go through strict checks and rigorous process in order to obtain a license. Visit Worksafe Queensland to search for license holders,

  1. Free Quotes

Our quotes come with no obligation and no cost to you. Call 07 3555 7950 right now to get a quote and talk to our representative about your job.

  1. 24 Hour Emergency Services

Help will always be given to those who ask for it. We are available for you 24 hours a day. Call and make a booking after hours ro on weekends.

  1. Great Customer Service

We have the best practices when it comes to taking good care of our customers. Friendly service with a smile is what we adhere to.

  1. We Use The Best Products

We don’t compromise the quality of products. All products are backed by a written manufacturers warranty.

  1. Consistent Achievers

The team at VIP Electrician Brisbane never stop learning. We constantly perform new training to stay up to date with the latest improvements and technologies.

  1. Quality Workmanship Every time.

We never shy away from showcasing what our achievements have been so far. We offer a guarantee on all worskmanship. So if we don’t get it right, we’l come back and fix it, at no cost to you.


So next time you need a reliable contractor, consider our team and bid adieu to all your electrical worries. Be safe than sorry – just let us know the problem and get a free quote straight away.